What Makes Extreme Weight Loss Methods Dangerous

Extreme weight loss is not a term that is just being thrown around to describe demanding diets or exercising systems… it seems that it has formed a category of its own. How does one describe an extreme weight loss method exactly? Well, in most cases, an extreme diet or exercising routine will require you to follow through ridiculously challenging plans with the promise of losing tons of weight in a short amount of time. Somewhat unfortunately, this fad has caught the world of fashion by storm, and more and more people are giving themselves to these extreme methods. However, the truth is that not only are most of these methods not what they are advertised to be, they are sometimes dangerous for your health.

How Can a Diet be Dangerous?

For starters let’s have a look at how an extreme diet can affect your body. In a majority of cases, an extreme diet will require you to consume a tiny amount of calories per day while sticking to one, maximum two food groups for the whole duration of the diet. In most cases, you will have to eat really small portions multiple times a day, which in most cases is a feeble attempt at making the dieter less hungry.

First of all, it has to be said that eating nothing but one or two food types of weeks, or even days on end, is far from being an easy thing to do. You will start to crave countless other foods, especially rich foods such as meat and chocolate. Second of all, you won’t be getting nearly enough nutrients. That is to say, having a diet which lacks variety means that your body will not be able to obtain what it needs in order to function to its full potential. With every passing day you will become increasingly weaker, and at some point you may even become prone to suffering from malnutrition, weakening your immune system and contributing to the possible development of various diseases and conditions.

How can an Extreme Exercising Routine be Dangerous?

The human body has a funny way of working, especially when it comes to injuries; when you sustain one, a rush of endorphins, and in some cases, adrenaline, will take over your brain and prevent you from feeling the damage. This is a very understandable way of functioning, especially when taking into account that our ancestors fought wild animals on a daily basis.

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With an extreme exercising routine your body will be pushed far beyond its limits most likely, and you will end up hurting yourself. You may pull a muscle, twist an ankle, tear a tendon, or even overexert yourself, leading to injuries, and in some cases, potentially life-threatening situations.

All things being said, it can be concluded that extreme weight loss methods simply aren’t worth the damage they can cause to you, despite most of them actually providing drastic results. Being skinny won’t be of any use to you if you are going to be lying in a hospital bed; it is best to lose your weight naturally at a pace of one to three pounds per week while trying to maintain a challenging workout routine along with a healthy and balanced diet. It may sound like a tired cliché, but it is a true one.

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