Do we really need another hepatology journal? The answer is resoundingly in the affirmative. In recent years there has been an explosion of research into clinical and experimental aspects of all forms of liver disease. Much good research has, however, not attracted wide attention because of limitations of space in the existing major journals in the field – as evidenced by the reduction in acceptance rate of submitted manuscripts to 20% or less in several of these journals.

The initiative of the Polish Association for the Study of the Liver (PASL) to establish the new Experimental and Clinical Hepatology with its imprimatur as the official journal of the Association is therefore to be applauded.

The decision to publish in english and make the journal available on-line is also to be applauded because, as has happened with the official journals of other Associations for the Study of the Liver, this should guarantee both submission of research papers from around the world and an international readership.

The standard of the journal is assured from the outset by the appointment of a Local Editorial Board comprised of eminent, internationally-recognised Polish investigators led by its Editor-in-Chief Professor Anna Boron-Kaczmarska and supported by very able publication staff.

The journal’s International Board is also impressive and it is heartening to note that it includes members from the Baltic and other Eastern European countries. Hopefully, their inclusion will attract submissions of papers reporting results of some of the excellent research in liver disease which is being undertaken throughout Eastern Europe.

PASL and the Editorial Board are to be congratulated on launching this new journal and deserve every good wish for success of this venture.

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