Amazon founder Jeff Bejos is accused of selling vibrators, dildos etc. as essential stuffs, but batteries as non-essential. It means Amazon want to make more money by selling new items products than selling running goods. It’s no secret that people are buying sex things even during this global Pandemic. Vibrators, dildos, masturbators, lubes & condoms are selling well and selling fast.

Covid19 lockdown resulted in more sexual hunger

Lockdown everywhere, no public entertainment and not much fun. TV anchors are barking the same, politicians are blaming each other for not taking adequate measures for containing the global Pandemic.

The economy is falling and in a doldrum. Millions of small businesses are dead, and millions lost job. The immediate future appears to be bleak. I’m not an economist but can sense the overall outcome of this global lockdown, things are only going to get worse.

If you are young, have a job or good savings then surely, it’s much needed break and enjoy some quality time with the family (notably fuck-feast with your spouse!) My own wife is demanding more sex! We were weekend couple for many years. We are both at home. Kids have no school, no homework and there is absolutely no need to get up early to get to work.

The Virus Can’t Attack Me Syndrome

Those who are well and not ill are feeling that Corona virus can’t do anything to them! I’m pretty sure that millions of people have the same feeling. Many hyperbole religious preachers are shouting that ‘it’s time to get united, not distance from each other!’ These idiots should be shot at sight for spreading diseases!

My proactive souse (and permanent health advisor) has answers for all the questions that I have. She is making me eat lot healthier food, drink plenty of immunity boosting herbal drinks. Fortunately, we are still sharing the same bed and doing more good things.

Get wet, get sweat & get hot!

Now let me introduce you some of the good products selling online fast.

MaleExtra: For bigger, harder & thicker erection. I’m not advocating that ‘size does matter’ when you are an experienced dude. But a weak erection spoils the fun. Male Extra was originally launched in 2009 & I’m one of the buyers in those days.

Testogen: After 45, your testosterone starts to drop significantly. T hormone is responsible for all our male character and muscle power that our woman needs. Testogen is not necessarily a sex enhancement supplement, but surely male enhancement stuff selling well. I used it 3 years ago.

Clenbutrol: Being at home, eating lot & getting fat is the last thing you need. Gyms and health clubs are closed. Home gym equipment are selling fast on Amazon. Clenbutrol is a raw fat burner designed for folks who work hard. If you want to sweat out for your sweetheart, then this is for you.

PhenQ: I must recommend something good for all the women out there. If you want to lose weight during lock-down period, then take this clinically proven slimming supplement called PhenQ. It aids weight loss in 5 modes.

Immune Defence: This is not old product, but something which was launched recently yet selling like sex pills! People who are scared of being hit by corona virus are buying this sweet candy to boost their overall immunity.

So, stay home, stay safe, eat well, workout hard & have sex… let’s fuck out corona for good!

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